Dog Spot On

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For large dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age.

Dogs over 15kg/33lbs

Fleas can cause irritation and make your dog scratch. Fleas can also carry tapeworm and disease. Gullivers Pet care spot on is the simple and convenient way to repel fleas quickly and effectively each application lasting up to four weeks. Gullivers Pet care spot on should be used as part of an effective flea control programme. Fleas will often infest your pets basket bedding and regular resting areas including carpets and soft furnishing. It is recommended that these areas should be treated with a suitable household insecticide flea spray. To apply squeeze the tub firmly when applying to ensure the entire contents are used. Part your dogs hair between the shoulder blades and apply the entire contents of the tube directly onto exposed skin. To ensure continuous protection re apply after 28 days. Do not use on dogs younger than 12 weeks.