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5000 Fantastic Facts

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PART ONE IS THE EARTH This section looks at the Earth's surface, inside the earth & the earth from space. It also covers Volcanoes, Earthquakes, climates, and seasons in great detail. It also reveals fascinating facts about plant life, rainforests, oceans, deserts, and polar regions as well as much much more.

PART TWO IS WILD ANIMALS This reveals facts about the animal kingdom, covering all types of animals from insects, mammals, reptiles and birds as well as strange and endangered animals. It also covers their habits and habitats, diets and locations and much more besides.

PART THREE IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE This intriguing section offers a multitude of information about the first people on Earth, The Human body, living and talking together, as well as limits and records. It also covers Homes and religions conflict and crimes and what the futures likely to hold for us.

PART FOUR IS ABOUT SPACE This gives great details on the Universe, the Galaxy, the Sun and the Moon. It also educates on stars and constellations as well as other planets and the Solar system. As if thats not enough information part four concludes with space age, satellites, space probes, landing on the moon and the future. The information is this book fascinates children and adults alike, so whenever you get those difficult to answer questions children often pose you can simply refer to the fascinating facts book.

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