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Bubble Pop It Fidget Watch

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  • New Design: This is the latest Push Bubble Fidget Toy we launched in 2021. The difference from the general style is that it is designed to be in the shape of a bracelet. It is completely portable and the shape is not too strange. It can even be used as a bracelet decoration
  •  Adjustable Size: The overall length of this wristband is 254mm, and there are 4 adjustment holes, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the user's wrist. The weight is only 18g, the weight is extremely light, and there is no pressure to wear
  • High-Quality Material: Our Wristband Fidget Toys are made of high-quality soft silicone, they are safe and non-toxic. Our fidget bracelet toys with a smooth surface, it is strong, durable and safe
  • Best Stress Relief Toy: The Push pop bubble wristband is a good way to help you relieve stress and fight anxiety. Finger pressing has the effect of relieving pressure and encouraging tactile stimulation, calmness and concentration
  • For Everyone: This push pop bubble toy does not distinguish the age of the user. It is suitable for everyone. It is a good choice for Infant enlightenment, children with autism, and stress relief for adults. Adults don’t need to hide their anxiety, just relieve it