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Light Blue Pop It Fidget Sensory Toy

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  • HAPPINESS FOR WHOLE FAMILY - The pop it fidget toy possess special attraction to divert attention from bad habits like nail biting, hair pulling and keep busy by popping and pushing to relieve stress and anxiety among children and elders.
  • MATERIAL COMPOSITION - The game toy is made up of Silicon material and provides soft touch to hands and fingers when pressing bubbles. It is flexible, durable, water repellent. 
  • ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING - The poppet game is a prime source of activity based learning for students. Kids can lean counting and simple mathematical calculations by pressing bubbles. This could be a fast way of learning.
  • The hugely popular Pop Fidget Toy is trending with popular Tik Tok users and social media influencers – and it’s so satisfying to pop! Sensory Play
    Fidgeting with tactile sensory toys can help release restless energy. Fidget toys are self-regulation tools to help with focus, attention, calming and active listening (and they are so much fun!)