Derek Ryan

The Road to Christmas

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Derek Ryan has been leading the charge for the past ten years in the new wave of country music that has swept everywhere from parish halls to arenas and from Moy to Melbourne. He has released 10 albums and scores of singles. On the 27th November Derek is set to bring early festive cheer to his many fans with the release of his first Christmas album.

In what has been a challenging and anxious year, the ten-track timeless collection ‘The Road to Christmas’ is hoped to bring pleasant escapism from the big C (COVID 19) which has caused turmoil in people’s lives and seen the cancellation of live music events. Even Santa needs cheering up this year.

When the world was in lockdown, Derek spent the time writing the opening track and arranging the other classics on the CD which was produced by Mark Kingswood and recorded in the Kingswood Studios in the UK and Piccolo studios in Canada.