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The Mirrored City of Shadespire beckons, a nightmarish realm of illusion and madness, an ever-shifting maze of endless staircases, narrow streets, and soaring arches. Will you dare to step inside and seize the glory that awaits?

Embark on your Warhammer Underworlds journey with this starter set, the perfect gateway to the game. It includes two complete warbands, the comprehensive rules, and all the dice, tokens, and boards essential for gameplay. There's no better choice for launching your adventures in the ultimate competitive miniature warfare.

The warband-specific decks featured in this starter set are tailored for the Rivals game format, utilizing pre-made decks that are ready for action straight out of the box. Crafting your own card decks can come later, as it's not a necessity to dive into the game.

This set comprises:
- A 56-page Rulebook
- A 56-page Playthrough booklet
- The complete Farstriders warband – a formidable company of Stormcast Eternals, boasting three push-fit miniatures in distinctive blue plastic for easy recognition, along with fighter cards and a comprehensive Rivals deck of warband-specific cards to unleash their noble strategies in combat.
- The complete Sepulchral Guard warband – a menacing group of skeletal warriors, featuring seven push-fit models in bone-colored plastic, fighter cards, and a full Rivals deck of warband-specific cards to harness their power in battle.
- Two double-sided, fold-out game boards to construct your battlefields.
- An assortment of Warhammer Underworlds tokens, including objectives, wound markers, glory points, and more.
- Eight dice, comprising five Attack dice and three Defence dice, ensuring you're equipped for both devastating strikes and desperate defenses!

Please note that the miniatures in this boxed game are provided unassembled and unpainted. We recommend using Citadel Colour paints for the best results.