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Razorbacks represent common variants of the Rhino chassis, offering a versatile platform equipped with a range of formidable turret-mounted heavy weapon systems. These armaments provide effective fire support for the squads they transport, both during their journey and after disembarkation.

In addition to the choice of weaponry for the Razorback's primary turret, which can be either a twin heavy bolter or twin lascannon, this kit includes a plethora of optional accessories. These extras consist of a spiked ram, ammunition crate, fuel canisters, a cable, smoke launchers, comms relay, hunter-killer missile, and tow hooks. Furthermore, the kit boasts a meticulously detailed interior, complete with a communications array and a boltgun mounted on an arming rack, along with the option to incorporate a Space Marine driver/gunner.

This 76-piece plastic kit enables the assembly of either a Razorback or a Rhino. It is provided with an Ultramarines Vehicle Transfer sheet for added customization.