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Plagueburst Crawlers are massive, lumbering siege tanks, exuding an aura of formidable strength. Their imposing ram-blades, thick layers of armor plating, and infused daemonic energies grant them exceptional resilience on the battlefield. These dreadnoughts are armed with plagueburst mortars of ferocious capability, boasting a parabolic fire trajectory and a chilling range. The shells they launch are a sinister combination of high-radius explosives and noxious clouds of corrosive spores, inflicting damage comparable to the fearsome Imperial Demolisher cannon. For close combat, the Crawler's remaining weaponry unleashes a relentless assault, showering the enemy with vile slime and barrages of vital shells.

This multi-part plastic kit includes all the components necessary for constructing a Plagueburst Crawler. This nightmarish, front-heavy tracked dozer brims with gruesome armament, encased in thick, corroded armor that exhibits the telltale signs of decay and rust. A striking feature is the enormous, spiked dozer blade, adorned with the emblem of Nurgle, proudly adorned with an array of skulls. The sponsons are equipped with two plaguespitters each, which can be substituted with the included entropy cannons. The heavy slugger at the front-center can also be replaced with a rothail volley gun – both options are equally menacing. However, the most menacing aspect for the enemy is undoubtedly the plagueburst mortar, with its dominating targeting mechanisms and an enormous barrel situated at the rear of the vehicle.

This kit comprises a total of 71 components.