Warhammer WarCry Bloodhunt

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Introducing the Warhammer WarCry Bloodhunt, a thrilling expansion that plunges you into the heart of brutal and fast-paced combat in the Age of Sigmar!

In this immersive expansion, you'll lead your warband on a relentless hunt, seeking out new challenges and opportunities for glory within the twisted realms of WarCry. Delve into the blood-soaked narratives of the mortal realms, as you carve your path through chaos-infested landscapes and face off against a host of nightmarish foes.

The WarCry Bloodhunt expansion includes new rules, missions, and challenges to test your strategic prowess and martial skills. Engage in epic battles, and with every victory, your warband grows stronger, gaining new abilities, gear, and the experience necessary to survive in the harsh world of WarCry.

Customize your warband to your heart's content, selecting from a vast array of Chaos-worshipping fighters, each with unique skills and equipment. Forge alliances and pursue your own narrative within the ever-evolving WarCry setting.

Warhammer WarCry Bloodhunt is not just a game; it's a journey into the grim, war-torn landscapes of the Age of Sigmar, where every battle tells a story and every warband seeks their ultimate destiny. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge victorious, or will you be another bloodstain on the cursed soil of the Mortal Realms? Dive into the chaos, carve your legend, and conquer the Bloodhunt!