Sean Ryan PJ Maloney

Traditional Music of Ireland -volume one

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Traditional Music of Ireland

Sean Ryan, fiddle   PJ Maloney, flute

A1 Reels: Fahy's Favorite/Down The Broom/Farewell To Connaught
A2 Jigs: Castle Jig/McKenna's Jig
A3 Hornpipes: Cuckoo's Nest/Cooley's/O'Brien's
A4 Reels: O'Meara's/Leitrim Reel
A5 Set Dance: The Blackbird
A6 Reels: Wheels Of The World/Tom Steele
B1 Jigs: Molloy's Favorite/Top Of Cork Road/Killimore Jig
B2 Reels: Bonnie Kate/Jennie's Chickens
B3 Hornpipes: McMahon's/Dingle Bay
B4 Jigs: Carraroe/Morrison's
B5 Reels: Sean Ryan's/The Bunch Of Keys
B6 Hornpipes: Flowing Tide/Sean Ryan's Fancy